Vision helped Captain America free the prisoners from the raft


Captain America: Civil War was the beginning of the end for The Avengers until Thanos returned. Perhaps the most tragic aspect of the film is how the personal relationships become melded into the larger political issues that formed the basis of the plot. For example, the Sokovia Accords forced all heroes to sign a document making them legal government employees. While this level of insight limits collateral damage (in theory), it has alienated the agency from The Avengers and prevented them from doing the right thing in some ways. This ultimately led to the teams led by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers battling it out, with one team battling to clear their best friend’s name.

While Steve cleared Bucky’s name of one crime, he was forced to answer for another, the deaths of Howard and Maria Stark. To add insult to injury, the entire Cap team was incarcerated in the ocean prison, The Raft. Although it was seemingly impossible to escape the prison, Steve Rogers managed to break in and get his friends out. The reason it worked, according to Reddit theorist Subject89P13, was entirely thanks to The Vision.

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Why did Vision help Captain America?

For most of the film, Vision sided with Tony Stark as he felt surveillance was the only thing that could help counter any larger threat that might attack Earth. However, behind the scenes, Vision was also pondering his own feelings and whether they were organic or a fabrication of his design. In this case, it was his feelings for Wanda Maximoff. He cared about her and wanted to do whatever he could to protect her, but when his emotions caused Rhodey to become paralyzed below the waist, he learned the complexity of feelings and that the right choice isn’t always the best. easy. As a result, Theory believed that Wanda was the reason he decided to help Steve Rogers.

Although it’s nearly impossible for a human to break into The Raft, The Vision was probably the only one who could. It was even teased when Vision grabbed a black chess piece. The room represented chaos or “catastrophe”, and by the time the chords were introduced, he was on the same side as Wanda; however, taking a piece represented his commitment to live a disaster-filled human life to be with her. So, using his abilities, he likely caused a system-wide crash that gave Steve precious moments to escape with his allies.

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How did choosing Vision help him and Wanda?

While Cap took his friends out because he owed them, Vision’s reasons for doing so were purely selfish. He might not have completely understood the concept of love, but he wanted to understand it with Wanda. As a result, the two have often been shown disappearing from both sides of their allegiances to steal moments together and figure out their relationship, as shown Avengers: Infinity War.

In the end, no one could suspect that The Vision had helped Cap, and even if they had, Stark would have scolded him because those prisoners were also his friends. It’s the perfect crime as Vision is already nearly unstoppable, just like the woman he loved. Therefore, making artificial intelligence an escape was a logical choice, but what makes this theory even more fun to think about is the fact that Vision did it for the most humane reason of all – the love.


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