Marvel Reveals the True Secret to Captain America’s Iconic Shield


Steve Rogers tells Bucky Barnes the truth about what his shield really means in Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #4.

Captain America Reveals To Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier That His Iconic Shield Is Much More Than Just A Symbol Of Hope In Marvel’s Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #4.

Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #4 comes from writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, artist Carmen Carnero, colorist artist Nolan Woodard, and letterer VC Joe Caramagna. In Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #3, Steve Rogers traveled deep into an underground lab while investigating an organization called the Outer Circle. Inside this lab, Steve found a hidden message from Dr. Boka Agboje, the man who claims to have created Cap’s shield. Agboje explains that, much like Captain America’s shield, the outer circle symbol is made up of three rings around a star – the outer circle representing control, the two inner circles representing those who obey, and the star representing their weapon. secret, a super-soldier.

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In Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #4, Steve and Bucky have a one-on-one where they discuss everything they’ve learned about the Outer Circle so far. After talking to Bucky about the origins of his shield, Steve reveals that the Outer Circle intended to “use” it when he first took on the mantle of Captain America. “The man who forged my shield tried to stop this – and warn me – by putting his symbol where everyone could see it,” Steve explains. “If that’s true, then the whole world is on that shield, Buck. It’s like a map. The outer circle, then the rest of us. Surrounded. And if we step out of line…”

Bucky has his own secrets

At this point, Bucky then reveals to Steve that he was an assassin for the Outer Circle. The two reconnect and hatch a plan to bring down the organization. The issue ends when Steve encounters one of the alien-like creatures that apparently works for the Outer Circle. As the two initially fight, Steve convinces the Entity to stop playing the outer circle game and instead join him in “turning the table”.

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The story continues in Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #5, which comes out Oct. 5 from Marvel. The issue’s synopsis reads: “The Outer Circle’s newest defector leads Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to the headquarters of the Outer Circle – and the answers Steve seeks about the origins of his shield. But Bucky already has his answers and seeks solutions. Will decades of friendship be enough to thwart an enemy calling itself the Revolution? Captain America’s world is rocked by this inescapable problem that will have ramifications for years to come!”

Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #4 features covers by Carnero and Alejandro Sánchez and variant covers by Mark Bagley and Laura Martin. This issue is on sale now from Marvel.

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