Isaiah Bradley’s role teases Patriot


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown since The Avengers appeared. In fact, all of the founding Avengers had already continued their legacy to some degree, with one of the most iconic being Captain America. After Steve Rogers retired, he gave the shield to Sam Wilson, who at first felt unworthy of the responsibility. However, fate eventually pushed him into the role and he returned as the next Cap with a new costume and wings.

Captain America: New World Order is the next chapter in Sam’s story and the fourth film in the Captain America series. But aside from the return of the titular hero, fans can also expect The Leader to finally return after 15 years and Isaiah Bradley, another super-soldier who saved many lives during his service. But while Isaiah offered Captain America’s mantle a little more lore, the possible return of his grandson Eli could do it even more if he becomes Patriot. But how could he become the hero and founding Young Avenger that fans know and love?

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How Eli Bradley Could Become a Patriot in Captain America 4

In the comics, Eli first became a Patriot and used his abilities to fight crime and join the Young Avengers. However, it emerged that prior to a blood transfusion from his grandfather to save his life, he was taking Mutant Growth Hormone to make abilities. In the MCU, this could be how Eli gains his powers to go up against his grandfather and help Sam save lives. With Ms. Marvel introducing mutants, it is possible that its appearance could lead to an epidemic.

Another possible origin could be directly related to The Leader, who made it his mission to experiment on people with gamma radiation and create more perfect specimens. Seeing Isaiah’s power and how he’s kept it strong all these years could inspire The Leader. As a result, he could kidnap and perform tests on Eli, trying to awaken all dormant genes within him. It could turn Eli into a super-soldier, ultimately leading to his future as a Patriot.

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How could Patriot impact the MCU?

If MGH or a variation in hGH was the reason Eli gained powers, it could redefine how many people are powered in the MCU. For starters, it would show just how great The Power Broker could be, as Sharon has just returned to America and used her resources to create a network of tech and weapons dealers. It would also warrant greater surveillance of motorized individuals, which could lead to mutant inhibitor collars.

However, if Eli’s powers were born out of the Leader’s experimentation, Captain America: New World Order might be the least suspicious movie to introduce another mutant into Eli. Since he already has the super-soldier gene in his system, waking him up would be similar to waking up a mutation via stress. As a result, his abilities would make him a mutant, much like Franklin Richards is as a child of Reed and Sue Richards. In the end, should Eli gain abilities in Captain America: New World Orderit could change his life forever and fundamentally change the landscape of the MCU.

To see if Eli gets his powers, Captain America: New World Order hits theaters on May 3, 2024.


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