Five comparable contracts for Canucks captain Bo Horvat


Now that the JT Miller trade saga is over for the Vancouver Canucks, the next thing on general manager Patrik Allvin’s to-do list is extending Bo Horvat.

As usual, Canucks fans have no shortage of opinions on what this deal should look like. Some want it short term, some want it long term and a few even want it traded in hopes of strengthening the core of the defense.

If the Canucks do indeed intend to extend their captain, the following contracts could serve as comparables, giving fans an idea of ​​what to expect.

Gabriel Landeskog: $7 million, 8 years

In the summer of 2021, Gabriel Landeskog signed an eight-year, $56 million contract extension with the Colorado Avalanche.

When he signed his contract, Landeskog was at a similar stage in his career to where Horvat is now. He was captain of a promising young team, but hadn’t had much success in the playoffs.

He was one of the best players on his team, but was overshadowed by a few of his teammates, like center Nathan MacKinnon and defenseman Cale Makar.

There was no doubt that Landeskog was an important piece but, if he hadn’t wanted to sign at the right price, his team would have let him walk in free agency.

There are also a few key differences between Horvat and Landeskog. At this point in his career, Landeskog had scored points in 74.5% of his games. Horvat currently sits at 63.9% in this regard. If Horvat has a great year in 2022-23, he could close that gap and use Landeskog as a comparable.

Another difference is the overall market at the time. Landeskog signed during a period of uncertainty due to the pandemic. If Horvat waits until the end of the season, the salary cap could increase significantly upon his signing, meaning he might be able to get some cash before the pandemic if he holds out long enough.

Horvat and Landeskog play similar roles on their teams, and while Landeskog produces a bit more offensively than Horvat, the overall market could allow Horvat to get some Landeskog-type money.


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