Everything We Know About Marvel’s WWII Crew


Disney and Marvel bet big on video games. This year’s D23 Expo (Comic-Con only for Disney) featured the first-ever Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, a 30-minute live stream on the future of video games from some of the biggest entertainment properties in the world. planet. While most of the showcase is best described as amateurish, the standout was the reveal of a new Marvel game featuring Captain America and Black Panther set during World War II.

There isn’t much concrete information about the project, but we can still have a good time theorizing about a game that doesn’t even have a title. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Captain America/Black Panther game.

What is the release date of Captain America / Black Panther game?

The next game will be set during World War II.wonder

There is very little concrete information about the upcoming game, including a concrete release date or window. First announced in October 2021, the project has been in development for at least a year and the team behind its development has been around since 2019. But based on what has been shown, it might be best to put everything on hold hope to see this. within a year or two. It could be a late 2024 title at the earliest if development goes smoothly.

What could the game be called?

This game doesn’t even have a title yet! It makes it really hard to write and leaves me typing the phrase “Captain America/Black Panther game” over and over – which isn’t much fun!

The game seems to be inspired by a 2010 comic.wonder

That said, depending on the setting and cast of the game, it’s possible it could be titled Flags of Our Fathers. It’s also the name of a 2010 Marvel comic that bears striking similarities to what we know of the untitled game.

Is there a trailer for the game?

Yes! Something concrete that we have about this game is a trailer. Check it out:

Calling it an ambient trailer seems preferable, it doesn’t give us anything concrete, but it sets the tone for the game and acclimates audiences to its setting. Photo of a pile of plot-relevant objects on a table looks a lot like a Unexplored trailer or teaser for Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game.

Marvel gets high marks for song choice, though. Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again” was written in 1939 and became a World War II anthem, resonating with troops going to war uncertain whether they would live or die. It also accompanies the end of Stanley Kubrick Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Who is developing the Captain America / Black Panther game?

The project is developed by Skydance New Media. The developer was founded in 2019 as the interactive media division of film company Skydance Media. It is directed by Amy Henning, creator of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

Hydra will act as an antagonistic force.wonder

Since leaving Naughty Dog, Hennig has worked at Visceral Games on a Star Wars game called Project Ragtag before the game and the studio were both closed. (Remember when EA said single-player games were dead?) Hennig went on to found Skydance New Media and leads development of the Captain America/Black Panther game as well as a project set in the star wars universe. She’s also a credited writer on the upcoming Square Enix RPG. Speak.

What will the story of the game be?

As reported in August, the game will be an ensemble title focused on a cast of four characters. The two most recognizable are Captain America and Black Panther. However, this isn’t the Black Panther most people know from the MCU. This is T’Challa’s grandfather, Azzuri.

The game will be set during World War II before Cap is frozen in a popsicle and thawed out in modern times to gallivant with the Avengers. Presumably, someone wanted to separate this game from Square Enix’s failed live service game as much as possible.

Captain America also appears in Marvel’s Avengers.Square-Enix

The two heroes will be accompanied by Gabriel Jones, American soldier and member of the Howling Commandos; and Nanali, leader of the newly formed Wakandan spy ring.

Cap, Azzuri, Nanali and Gabe are all prominent characters in the Flags of Our Fathers comic arc, which is also set during World War II. It’s safe to say that the game will draw heavily from this comic. In Flags of Our Fathers, Gabe is a perspective character through which audiences can see both Cap and Azzuri as symbols of their respective nations and peoples. In the midst of the war, Hydra attempts to steal vibranium from Wakanda, involving the Black Panther in the conflict. Both Cap and Azzuri search for their country, which leads to the two bumping heads and forming tentative alliances.

From the trailer, it looks like the game will expand into the European theater of war and bring players to Wakanda itself. Audiences can expect Hennig to bring the globe-trotting adventure story she did so well with. Unexplored to the table and create an exciting new chapter in the Marvel Universe to enjoy.


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