Disney confirms 5 actors appearing in the sequel


Following the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which saw Sam Wilson accept the superhero role of Steve Rogers, fans have been waiting for a fourth Captain America film.

This was confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2022 with a title for the new movie, Captain America: New World Order. It was later revealed that Julian Onah (The Cloverfield Paradox) would direct the new Cap movie, and that it would be released in Marvel’s Phase 5 in March 2024.

Beyond a new logo, no details were given on the plot of the new Captain America film or who will participate in it.

While Anthony Mackie’s return as Sam Wilson was a no-brainer, Marvel has now confirmed some of the other cast members who will be joining him.

Captain America 4 cast confirmed

During the presentation of Marvel Studios at D23, a certain number of actors who will appear in Captain America: New World Order have been confirmed.

These cast members announced at the panel include a mix of new and returning MCU faces, all of which make for an exciting Captain America after. Here’s a list of all the confirmed cast and the characters they’ll be playing:

Anthony Mackie – Sam Wilson/Captain America


It shouldn’t be surprising that Mackie returns to headline his own Captain America after. In The Falcon and the Winter SoldierSam embarked on a journey that saw him grow from his days as the Falcon, picking up the iconic shield, and becoming the first black man to wear the Captain America mantle in the MCU.

Danny RamirezJoaquin Torres

Danny Ramirez Joaquin Torres

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Danny Ramirez is confirmed to reprise his role as Joaquin Torres in New world order and is also set to take to the wings as the new Falcon in the film.

Tim Blake Nelson – The Chief

Tim Blake Nelson Chief
marvel studios

Tim Blake Nelson was last seen in 2008 The Incredible Hulk like Samuel Sterns. He will bring his MCU back in New world order as The Leader, who is also confirmed to be the film’s villain.

Carl Lumbly – Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley Carl Lumbly

Another one The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star making its way to Captain America 4 is Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah Bradley. As a former super soldier, Bradley provided full advice to Sam during the Disney+ series, encouraging him to embrace Steve Rogers’ shield.

Shira Haas – Sabra

Shira Haas Sabra

A newcomer to the MCU, Shira Haas’ Sabra marks the MCU’s first Israeli superhero. In the comics, Sabra is a known mutant with powers and works for the Israeli Secret Service.

A Falcon and the Winter Soldier Reunion

It seems that Captain America: New World Order will be a reunion for a few MCU characters. Both Carl Lumbly and Danny Ramirez participated in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier previously, so it seems likely that the new Captain America The film will continue its character arcs that were set in the Disney+ series.

Another interesting MCU return is that of Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader, who was last seen in The Incredible Hulk.

Surprisingly, this is the second Marvel project this year to bring back a character from 2008 Pontoon film, with Tim Roth’s Abomination most recently appearing in She-Hulk: Lawyer. Whereas The Incredible Hulk has often been overlooked in the MCU canon, it seems to be gradually making a comeback.

As far as new cast members go, Shira Haas’ Sabra could mean big things for the MCU. The inclusion of a Secret Service agent seems to lend to the idea that Captain America 4 will continue the spy themes of its predecessors. Sabra is also a known mutant in the comics and, if it were to remain the same in New world orderit would be a big step towards introducing mutants into the MCU.


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