Captain of Royal Yacht Britannia says Queen Elizabeth’s engagement service will be ‘moving’ | Entertainment


The former captain of the Royal Yacht Britannia said Queen Elizabeth’s incarceration service at Windsor would be “poignant”.

Commodore Anthony Morrow served under the late monarch on the Royal Family’s yacht until it was decommissioned in 1997 and is among guests attending the service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on Monday (19.09 .22) as the Queen is laid to rest alongside her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh – and he said it would be very emotional for everyone there.

Speaking on Sky News, he explained: “Being part of all of this today…is just exhausting…for all of us (attending the pledge service) it’s a hugely poignant moment because we, in the chapel, we all spent (this moment) with her majesty…and of course it will be hard for all of us…but also a remarkable moment for our new king…(who) has risen with great pride and dignity… »

Asked about the Queen’s death aged 96 on September 8, he revealed the news had come as a huge shock.

He continued: “We were all taken by surprise…it’s been hard for all of us to endure these past 10 days and today in particular.”

The burial service at St George’s Chapel begins at 4pm and Queen Elizabeth will then be buried alongside the Duke of Edinburgh – who died in April 2021 aged 99 – in a private ceremony at 7.30pm.

Members of the royal family, including King Charles and William, Prince of Wales, will be present.


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