Captain America defeated Hulk using only his fists


Whereas Captain America is barely considered one of Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, he’s accomplished many feats that go beyond the scope of his superpowers, including his defeat of a rampaging Pontoon using only his fists (and a little help from Spider-Man).

Steve Rogers was transformed into the Sentinel of Liberty by the Super Soldier Serum, a secret formula that enhanced his physical and mental abilities. Captain America is strong, fast, resilient, agile as an acrobat, and he is one of the greatest hand-to-hand fighters in the world. After factoring in a nearly indestructible shield made from a unique vibranium alloy, it’s easy to see why Cap took on heavy hitters like Thanos and survived to tell the tale. However, of the many amazing accomplishments of Captain America’s career (including punching Hitler in the face), the one that deserves more recognition is when Steve took out the Hulk in a fair fight.


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This incredible moment was seen by another hero, Spider-Man, who remembered it during a fight against his classic enemy, Rhino. In Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #4, by Jeph Loeb, David Finch and Frank D’Armata, Peter Parker is devastated by the recent assassination of Captain America at the end of Civil war. He visits his Uncle Ben’s grave and thinks of all the failures and tragedies of his life until he was brought out of his depression by the Rhino, who had actually just visited his mother’s grave. During the ensuing battle, Spider-Man is overwhelmed by an enraged Rhino, and he recalls a similar past situation with the Hulk. This time, Captain America arrived, rescued Peter, and the two heroes beat the Hulk into submission, with Cap doing most of the work, punching the Jade Goliath until he was knocked unconscious.

In the story, the flashback is used to show how Captain America inspired Spider-Man to overcome his limitations and become a better hero. Hulk is a story device that serves as a parallel to Rhino, as Peter also finds the strength to overcome his obstacles in the present. Granted, the Hulk was in his Savage Hulk persona who, while dangerous for his aggressive and uncontrollable behavior, is also not one of his strongest forms, as he lacks intelligence and willpower. It must also be said that, during previous encounters, as in Captain America vol.1 #230, Hulk defeated Captain America easily. However, it’s still impressive to watch Cap defeat one of Marvel’s strongest characters using only his fists and shield, with help from Spider-Man. Cap didn’t even need the help of special weapons, high-tech tools, or borrowed powers.

It proves that, while not as flashy as other superpowers, the abilities granted by Steve’s super soldier serum, combined with his training and iron will, can be incredibly effective. Most important, Captain AmericaThe ability to inspire others is his greatest superpower, and he fully demonstrated it in this victorious battle against Hulk.


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