Captain America and Nightcrawler team up to take down a Celestial


Contains an overview of AXIS: Judgment Day #5!

Marvel Comics heroes are attacked as a divine entity known as Celestial seeks to pass judgment on the whole world, and the verdict has just been delivered – triggering the immediate action of Captain America and fan favorite x-men hero, Somnambulist.

AXIS: Judgment Day is an ongoing Marvel Comics crossover event in which the Eternals have gone on strike against all mutants, believing that they exhibit excessive genetic deviation. In response, Marvel’s heroes brought the Progenitor to life, hoping that this new Celestial could order the Eternals to cease their attack – a plan that quickly backfired. Once given life, the newborn Celestial declared that the Earth had twenty-four hours until it was judged by the cosmic god, and if it ran out, the Progenitor would wipe out all life on the planet. . Unfortunately, it seems that humanity has fallen short.


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In the overview pages of AXIS: Judgment Day #5 by Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti, the citizens of the world prepare for their fate of “Judgment has been rendered” and “only the pain remains.However, even as Captain America has seemingly given up talking with someone who has also accepted his fate, Nightcrawler appears to him with a message of hope. Nightcrawler tells Captain America that he intends to save the world. despite what the world may think of mutants, and the hero asks Captain America to join him and give this ‘false god’ some of his mind.Check out the preview below, as shared by AIPT .

While Nightcrawler doesn’t go into detail about how he plans to take down a Celestial, it does appear he intends for Captain America to inspire humanity, which could cause the Celestial to reverse his judgment. faced with a burst of hope. Throughout Marvel Comics history, Captain America has always stood against cosmic threats, even when there was no hope of survival, the most famous example being in the pages of Infinity Gauntlet where Cap stood against Thanos when everyone was defeated. Now, Captain America has the opportunity to do the same thing but with a significant advantage: he is not alone. Nightcrawler is equally willing to stand on the precipice of oblivion.

Nightcrawler is a man of faith who, despite the hatred and disdain of the world around him, has always sought to uplift others. While he’s far from Captain America’s most obvious partner, what unites them is their commitment to spreading hope. Now, while all hope may seem lost, this unexpected alliance proves that hope can still be found even in the darkest of times, and Captain America and Somnambulist are the perfect team to take on a seemingly unstoppable threat in the form of Marvel’s latest Celestial.

AXIS: Judgment Day #5 will be available September 21 from Marvel Comics.

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