Captain America 4 Director Addresses Critics Of Anthony Mackie Taking Over


The Marvel Cinematic Universe officially has a new Captain America, and its new one is Sam Wilson. Anthony Mackie’s fan-favorite character stood out as the sentinel of freedom during the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (released with a Disney+ subscription). With that, the actor is now set to headline his own solo film, with Julius Onah having signed on as director. Although Wilson’s (and by extension, Mackie’s) new role was generally well received, some took issue with it. But a number of people have defended the creative choice, and Onah is the latest to address the critics.

Since Sam Wilson became Cap, some fans have taken to social media to express their displeasure with the changing of the guard. Some have claimed that in their eyes, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers is the only person who can wield a red, white and blue shield. Some posts were more visceral than others, and racist sentiments apparently surfaced on occasion.

CinemaBlend had the pleasure of speaking with Julius Onah at Disney’s D23 Expo 2022 following Marvel Studios’ presentation, which included News about Captain America: New World Order. During the chat, the filmmaker got candid about those who object to the idea of ​​Anthony Mackie taking on the role of Cap, saying such ideas clash with those portrayed by the comic book hero. :

Well, I would say, wait until you see this movie. But secondly, you know, I think for anyone wondering why someone like Anthony Mackie or Sam Wilson should be at the center of all of this, it actually comes down to what Captain America stands for. It’s so beautiful to have a character who stands up for what’s right and to think about a world where everyone can be a part of it. It’s indisputable [that] it’s true. That’s exactly what Captain America is about. So there’s really nothing to complain about. There are only things to celebrate. And all of those people should feel invited to celebrate that.

The Cloverfield paradox Director makes a very good point. Steve Rogers represents an idyllic image of the United States, an image in which people of all races, creeds and others are present and treated equally. It’s nice to see the filmmaker share such an eloquent response to ignorance and extend an olive branch to those who have criticized the MCU’s new Cape.

There is also another high profile person who has been very supportive of Anthony Mackie – Chris Evans. After seeing a tweet from a media outlet wondering if Steve Rogers would appear in the new movie, Evans dropped a pretty definitive statement. He simply said, “Sam Wilson is Captain America,” and the internet certainly took notice. Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan also made the buzz Cap 4 after it was reported that it was in progress. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Evans and Stan were among the many viewers who flocked to theaters to see the new movie when it arrived.

Captain America 4 take a big step forward this year when Julius Onah signed on to take the helm. He will direct from a script written by The Falcon and the Winter Soldierby Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson. At D23 this weekend, it was reported that Anthony Mackie would be joined by Danny Ramirez and Carl Lumbly, who reprise their roles as Joaquin Torres and Isaiah Bradley, respectively, from the previously mentioned TV show. Franchise newcomer Shira Haas has also been tapped to play Marvel Comics character Sabra. And if that wasn’t enough, The Incredible Hulk star Tim Blake Nelson is back and reprising his role as Dr. Samuel Sterns aka The Leader.

While specific plot details are still being kept close to the vest, the Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore teased a difficult journey for Sam. Stepping into the shoes of a giant can’t be easy – as Anthony Mackie probably knows. But it’s good to know that Mackie and his character have the support of Julius Onah, Chris Evans and many others before his first solo film.

Captain America: New World Order is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2024 as part of MCU phase 5.


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