Anthony Mackie Is Upset That Sebastian Stan Isn’t In ‘Captain America 4’


Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Yesterday’s Marvel Studios presentation at Expo D23 dropped a ton of major bombshells regarding the upcoming slate of film and TV projects, but one of the biggest surprises revolved around a casting decision that was not announced. It looks like the MCU’s favorite bromance is on hiatus, with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes announced to Love at first sightBut no Captain America: New World Order.

From Anthony Mackie’s feature debut to the announcement of the new Cap, virtually everyone expected the second half of “Choclachino and Sexy Seabass” to play a major supporting role. While several new additions to the ensemble have been revealed, including Tim Blake Nelson returning as frontman to pay for a tease made in 2008 The Incredible Hulkthe lack of Stan left Stans without stan.

As you’d expect, Mackie wasn’t too happy with the development either, and there was more than a hint of jealousy in his comments to Variety after the D23 showcase, where he demanded he be reunited with Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, seeing that he was left behind after Stan sided with Wyatt Russell’s John Walker instead.

“I’m very upset that they put Sebastian in a movie with Wyatt and left me out. If Sebastian gets Wyatt, I should get Chris.

Obviously, there’s no reason why Stan can’t end up appearing in both, even if Captain America: New World Order and Love at first sight will be released less than three months apart on May 3 and July 26, 2024. The duo were on fire throughout The Falcon and the Winter Soldierso hopefully the schedules can be smoothed out to see them reunited.


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